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About TLP


TLP Vapes was founded in February 2015, we were inspired by our love for the vaping industry, and the need to find a one stop vape shop. Thus The Last Pharaoh was born with the best interests of the vaping community in mind. We keep all of our prices as low as possible, so not only do you save money on shipping, but you will pay the same price as buying direct from the manufacturers themselves.

We’ve personally experienced the remarkable success of switching to vaping, and we’ve seen it with our family and friends, too. We believe that electronic cigarettes offer an amazing alternative to smoking regular cigarettes and to quit smoking!

We are a major supplier of vaping gear, we carry a range of products that will suit everyone's needs with affordable starter sets as well as advanced setups, we constantly strive to provide you with exceptional customer service.

We also carry a large selection of ever growing e-juice/e-liquid from a variety of top brands that will satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds. we strongly believe that every smoker has the right to enjoy a premium vaping experience.